Renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia

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With experienced counsel, the two parties can work together to create mutually beneficial solutions which consider the cumulative effect on both parties, including tax ramifications. By working with an experienced family law attorney to finalize a divorce in , it may be possible for both spouses to take advantage of more favorable law currently in place. Spousal Support Will No Longer Be Tax-Deductible By the Payer Under the new tax law, spousal support payments will no longer be considered tax-deductible for purposes of federal taxation by the paying spouse, which changes a tax provision that had been around for many decades.

Why Spousal Support Payments May Go Down in At first glance, those changes may seem like they simply shuffle the tax burden for spousal support payments back from the receiving spouse to the paying spouse, but there is a larger issue which will mean higher combined taxes for the paying and receiving spouse. Working Together to Create a Spousal Support Agreement It might be easy to look at the above numbers and simply say that the new tax law is bad for paying spouses and good for receiving spouses, but the truth is that tax laws will always be considered when two spouses are negotiating spousal support payments.

Share Post:. About Post Author. Debbie Marson , a certified divorce financial analyst and our cosponsor, will empower you with information on the financial aspect of divorce and getting a money-wise settlement. Angus has mediated over civil cases and family cases in the past 11 years. She'll be sharing her insights and addressing handling the challenges holidays bring. While Ms.

Property Settlement Agreements are Binding Contracts

Nadaraja enjoys the courtroom and has gained a reputation as a zealous advocate for her clients, she values settlement and works hard to minimize contentious and unnecessary litigation. Sharon D. Nelson is a frequent author eleven books published by the ABA and hundreds of articles and speaker on legal technology, information security and electronic evidence topics. As Tax Director at Huey and Associates, Jon leads the tax compliance and strategic planning practices for the firm.

SecSat attendees have used Jon's tips and thanked us.. Jon has over 10 years of experience and currently leads the tax compliance and strategic planning practices for the firm.

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Originally with a litigating firm, nearly 20 years ago Patti stopped litigating cases and opened her own practice devoted entirely to negotiating, mediating, reviewing and preparing Family Law Agreements. She also represents clients in uncontested divorces and is a frequent lecturer on the topic of avoiding divorce court by means of mediation and negotiation.

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Joining us for the first time is therapist Lynn Piper, who's specialty is animal assisted therapy and trauma. She's worked with families transitioning through separation and divorce. Plevy is licensed to practice in both Virginia and Maryland. You are in for a real treat as she is an entertaining, informative, and uplifting speaker. Promise, you'll leave feeling better after Mary speaks!

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However, when she determines matters can be resolved more amicably and without the costs of litigation, she highly recommends alternate dispute resolution options such as mediation, arbitration and collaborative law. Bill Redmiles , therapist, will discuss what grief is like, letting go of the dream, and share steps people can take to get through it all. Examples include journaling, exercising, and support groups. Her calm, heartfelt presentation is always well received. A therapist with more than 20 years of experience, she works with individuals and couples dealing with communication difficulties, loss of connection, or a desire to heal following a major challenge.

Deborah is also a journaling therapist and we are delighted to have her guide you through a journaling exercise! Promise, you'll gain new insight and feel better! An avid journaler, Deborah recognizes the healing power of expressive writing and believes that this practice can change the way our brain works, allowing us to experience a deeper sense of well-being and resilience. She specializes in couples and marital issues, parenting, depression, anxiety, grief and loss.

She is a certified coach and received her MSW with a specialty in occupational social work. Attorneys consider Mike one of our area's best. He's an engaging speaker you'll enjoy hearing, even is a PI is not in your plan. She will share her insight about imputing spousal income and career expectations. Kathy has frequently been an expert witness in court on the subject. Kathy Sampeck, who has testified in court as a vocational expert, is joining us to share her insight about imputing spousal income and career expectations.

Attendees found her presentation very helpful when she spoke several months ago.. Wondering about imputed income? What happens when a vocational expert is called in? How the Courts will assess your career potential? We are delighted to have vocational specialist Kathy Sampeck fill you in. He is often brought into a divorce case to provide expertise on a spouse's ability to work, career expectations, and income expected.

His company also helps clients searching for a new job, finding the right career fit, and re-entering the workforce.

Federal tax treatment of alimony to change after 75 years of stability

Sprowl has mediated over 1, cases on all aspects of family situations. This includes prenuptial agreements, agreements to stay married, temporary separation agreements, and post-divorce issues. He helps couples reach comprehensive divorce settlement agreements, addressing parenting plans, custody disputes, child support, spousal support, and equitable distribution of property, including pension and retirement assets. John W. He currently provides information technology support to over area law firms, legal entities and corporations.

Simek is a co-author of nine books and hundreds of articles and he speaks frequently on legal technology, information security and electronic evidence throughout the country. She teaches clients to access their power by listening to and honoring their feelings. Under her gentle guidance, clients learn to discard the destructive feeling of brokenness and find their way back to the core truth: that they are whole, strong and beautiful in themselves. Lori Wertz , is a featured agent on HGTV as the neighborhood specialist, friend and worldwide realtor.

Honest, friendly and dynamic we are looking forward to sharing her tips and insights. He also tries to minimize attorney's fees and to use collaborative and cooperative techniques whenever possible. An MBA, Dan has worked in the mortgage, marketing and public relations fields for more than 20 years. Plus he has a great sense of humor While attending law school, he served as a Supreme Court Certified mediator for the court system in Florida.

He now works at Northern Virginia Mediation Service, a non-profit affiliate of George Mason University celebrating its twentieth anniversary. He will share tips on how to better deal with conflict, the benefits of mediation and how the process helps couples and families in transition. We look forward to her insights! Korman , return to cover the legal aspects of the process for us. Christian Lapham , one of the first attorneys to speak at Second Saturday, will be joining us again this month. While he can litigate, he has more of a "family-friendly" approach to practicing law.

Parties should also be aware that, even though the courts are prohibited from dividing and distributing separate assets. Once parties sign a PSA, they have entered into a binding contract that is not renegotiated at the time of divorce.

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The signed and notarized PSA is filed with the court, along with all other necessary divorce documents. In essence, parties who have a signed PSA, during their period of separation, are operating under a contract; once those same parties are divorced, they are operating under both a contract and a court order the Final Order of Divorce. Parties must be aware , however, that all matters related to children custody, child support , are always modifiable if there is a material change in circumstances.

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Parties are not permitted to negotiate away this right. Property Settlement Agreements, though almost always upheld in court , may be declared void i. Though this is almost unheard of when a certified mediator handles your case, here are the pitfalls to be aware of:.

That is why an experienced and well-trained mediator will always make sure both parties are making informed, well-thought-out settlement decisions before they sign their PSA. That means that, after all the litigation strategy, motions, depositions, discovery, and very expensive legal wrangling, almost all divorcing couples end up settling their case without a trial. Why not save a lot of time, money, and aggravation? If you are considering a divorce, or are in the process of getting a divorce, you might as well start with a settlement mentality and focus on reaching solutions to your divorce disputes that you both can live with before you engage in expensive and time-consuming litigation.

That means: mediation. The final result of your mutually agreed solutions to your divorce-related issues will be in the form of an enforceable Property Settlement Agreement which, if written by a qualified mediator, will be clear, enforceable, detailed, and written in neutral language that serves both spouses' interests.

If you have any questions about what goes into drafting a Property Settlement Agreement and how Graine Mediation goes about settling divorce cases, call Robin Graine at The use of this form for communication with Graine Mediation, LLC does not establish a mediator-client relationship. Confidential or time-sensitive information should not be sent through this form. Last Name. You must be logged in to post a comment. Child Support This section of your PSA sets forth both the presumed statutory guideline monthly award dollar amount and the actual child support amount to be paid which may differ, somewhat, from the presumed guideline amount.

renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia Renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia
renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia Renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia
renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia Renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia
renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia Renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia
renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia Renegotiating divorce terms northern virginia

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