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He has a very sincere passion for children that is unyielding. He will coach you on long term strategies not band aids from the start. Again, I know this first hand after being a victim of doing only what was needed at the time to get through the issue or thought of the day. A great example of this is dealing with assets or issues that impact your credit down the road. He will help you prevent yourself from falling into traps like drawing against assets and paying tax penalties for settlement or selling a home.

I can say this with conviction based on being in the banking business and seeing many decrees that leave a client out to dry after settlement.

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  • There is no need to look any further for a divorce lawyer. They transferred the house to my name, removed my alimony over a year early, and obtained a Karon Waiver to guarantee no further financial loss.

    Divorce – Separation Agreements – Minnesota

    Divorce is unfortunate enough, there is no need to be a victim. Hire a good lawyer! Custody terms awarded by the court far exceeded our expectations and provide our grandson with the security and protection that we had hoped for. The process was explained to us in detail and they were prompt with answers to questions.

    Billing was detailed and they were able to work out payment terms for us.

    Divorce Basics

    Hopefully we will not need them again but it is comforting to know that if we do they will be there and provide the best representation possible. Efficiency, Relevance, Empathy, Respect and Clarity. Because of the complexity of the case, during the course of my divorce, I interviewed and communicated with some 20 lawyers.

    I consequently feel confident to state that Farhan Hassan is one of the best lawyer in the Twin Cities Area. Farhan has an extraordinary ability to rapidly sort through a wealth of information, focus on what is relevant, identify implications, correct misunderstanding, and communicate with empathy, respect and clarity the options available. The quality assistance Farhan and his office staff provided me, while meeting the greatest standards of ethics and efficiency, has bettered our lives forever.

    I highly recommend Farhan Hassan. I was treated with respect, empathy, and professionalism. I would recommend Farhan Hassan to any person seeking a professional allowing you to feel dignified, secure, understood, and helped along with a true advocate.

    What Happens When One Parent Moves Out of State?

    Hassan carries himself with a unique mix of grace, self-assurance, intellect, creativity, humility, along with never missing the big picture. After being blessed to work with Mr. Hassan I no longer lump attorneys into a single stereotype. His assistant, Ms. Bryant, is also fantastic.

    Post-Decree Motions | Lawyer Representation | Anoka, MN

    I struggled to find a divorce attorney whom I believed in until I worked with Mr. Call with confidence. Farhan is a hard-working individual, and he made me feel important as a client. I am very grateful for his expertise, and I would use him again for all my legal needs.

    I highly recommend Farhan. He was a wealth of knowledge and provided me with the legal advice I needed. Farhan is hardworking and dedicated. He has a great knowledge of the law and was always very up-front with me.

    How can I modify child custody under Minnesota law?

    He goes the extra mile, and is not afraid of fighting for his clients. I would definitely use Farhan again and highly recommend him!! Farhan took the time to explain how the process works and how he could best represent my interests each step of the way. Farhan is very knowledgeable and skilled at handling emotionally charged cases. My outcome was favorable in so many ways besides financial. Farhan was strongly referred to me by a trusted friend and I would happily recommend him and his office to family and friends.

    I got everything I valued. I appreciate him and his colleagues very highly and I am grateful for the service they provided. I chose Farhan Hassan to represent me because of numerous references from other attorneys. He is very highly respected and regarded in academia and by other professionals. I do not regret choosing him as my lawyer.

    I would recommend him without any hesitation. His firm is very well equipped and there are several attorneys, which gave me the security that I would not be left alone in case of emergency or urgency. His colleagues Angela, Andrew and Trevor worked on my case. They are all very top notch professionals who will fight for the legal rights of their clients. She is a true professional who is both knowledgeable and compassionate.

    She was patient with me, responded quickly to every call and gave me the best advice possible. She is also very organized. She is simply wonderful and a pleasure to work with! My attorney Farhan was very prompt and to the point. He grasped issues very fast and knows how to handle almost anything. He is outstanding in executing documents and during negotiations.

    He was flexible and accessible. I also found him to be very passionate about his work and his clients. Farhan has a keen sense of strategy and can be both fierce and gentle when the situation calls for it. He also has very strong command over the process. This helped ensure that no time was wasted. He is also very empathetic to my situation, including my finances. Farhan was a great help to me throughout the process. My case was very complicated. There was a lot of back and forth and unreasonableness from the other side.

    It was very difficult to reach an agreement because my ex-wife would back out of agreements we had reached. At court, he presented the case in a very professional manner. His courtroom presence showed his confidence and skill. He is very good at addressing issues on the spot and is very eloquent. Throughout the process of dealing with the other side and during both the SENE and FENE, he was very factual and backed his arguments with proper legal references, citations, and court cases.

    He included a Memorandum of Law in all responses to Motions which was extremely helpful in the process.

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