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It must depend on where you are. When I was living in Iowa, I had an internship with a performing arts organization that took a little travelling theater to different parks around town. This one creepy guy kept showing up at every single performance, and long story short, and it escalated to the point where I felt very uncomfortable. The capper to the situation was that he found a set of keys and decided they must belong to me. So he wrote down my license plate number, went to the DMV, and got both my address and phone number from them.

He called me three times and then came to my apartment to give them to me, even though they weren't mine. Scared the crap out of me.

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I called the police, they talked to him, end of problem. So, if you live in an area where this information is public Des Moines, IA, for example , the average person can track anyone down, and won't need any special connections. Where that information is not public, I imagine it still wouldn't be so difficult, especially if you had good reason to work with the police to track the person down.

I am not making this up--one of our local civic organizations in my hometown Lions club, Kiwanis? This was like 20 years ago.

My dad had one. You could look up any license plate in the county. Or, they still exist as publicdata. In California, all you have to do is give the DMV 15 bucks and the number, and they will give you the name address and phone number of the person, I have done this because someone had a load of gravel and a rock fell out and bounced up and broke my windshield.

I got their insurance to pay for it.

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I've done it twice, in Pennsylvania and New York. In PA a trucker sideswiped my car and kept going. It was more complicated, as I had to fill out several forms, but I did get the guys info. Unfortunately, I was so shook up I wrote the wrong plate number down, and got nothing. It's best to report any incidents to the police, and let them do the tracking.

In NY, and I'm sure in other states, the person being investigated is informed that a search request has been filed. Therefore, running the plate of some Ahole who cut you off for the sole purpose of going to his house and slashing his tires is not advisable. In Louisiana, it was very easy to do. That was in The government restricts anyone in accessing the information of the license plate owners for security and privacy.

If you are a victim of a road accident, you can call the assistance of the police so that they can help you in locating the owner of the vehicle at fault especially if you happen to get the plate number of it. Is the one who manages the license for the vehicle. You can file a request on why do you need to get and know the identity of the owner in the government office in charge because they have the list of the registration of the vehicles.

If you want to find it immediately and on your own, you can hire a private investigator to help you in locating, you can also check the license plate through an online site. Looking up for the license plate owner can also be easy and possible online.

California License Plate Lookup

There are commercial vehicle websites that can surely help you in determining the owner of the plate. The VIN or the license plate number is the one you need to be input in the website search box to find if they have a record for it. If you are going to find it through the online site, it is free.

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With the license you got, the site you are using will find the data matched to the plate that you have. While DRN is focused on providing license plate reader technology to private industries, its sister company Vigilant Solutions sells the same technology to government agencies such as law enforcement. Vigilant also sells facial recognition products. As well as providing its customers with access to its data banks of car location data and photos, DRN also resells that access to other companies who cater to even more clients.

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  • Those include a company called Delvepoint which more explicitly markets to private investigators. There is wide room for abuse though. Maass pointed out that could include stalking, obtaining information for litigation through undisclosed means, gathering information on celebrities to sell, or more. Over 1, accounts have access to the DRN system, the contract adds. These accounts can be shared among multiple people at an organization, though.

    And Report Bad Drivers, Suspicious Activity and more...

    In a closed Facebook group for private investigators that Motherboard gained access to, multiple posts include people asking for others to run plates for them through their own access to a license plate reader system, though they did not specifically mention DRN. Company executives have previously admitted unauthorized users have gained access to the system.

    We give them the complete control to ensure that what they decide to do with it is what happens with it.

    What Can I Get from a Free License Plate Lookup?

    Notably, DRN does not immediately ban someone for abusing the service, according to the contract. It reads that if DRN determines or suspects that the user has used the data for personal or non-business purposes, "Licensor [DRN] shall notify Licensee in writing of the alleged breach and give Licensee an opportunity to cure any curable breaches within 30 days of Licensee's receipt of such notice; thereafter Licensor may take immediate action, including, without limitation, terminating the delivery of, and the license to use, the Licensed Data.

    And members of the public have no realistic way of knowing whether their data has been collected by DRN, or examined by a DRN user.

    Getting Info From A License Plate

    There are very few ways to pry information from private companies; details about government surveillance networks are at least theoretically subject to Freedom of Information Act requests and government oversight. Private industry needs big data to help solve problems such as fraud and private industry is much more responsible when they know the public is watching. It does not contain any personally identifiable information. DRN products are built with robust reporting and auditing capabilities to ensure transparency at the organization level into usage and compliance with state and federal laws, contractual obligations and internal policies.

    But armed with the license plate, an investigator or other third party could also use a different service to search for the name and address of who the vehicle is registered to. As Motherboard recently reported , Departments of Motor Vehicles DMVs are making tens of millions of dollars selling drivers' names, addresses, and other personal information to an array of industries. DRN's legal argument for its collection is that the company is automating a task that has been done manually for years—capturing publicly available information.

    Critics say that taking photos and automatically uploading and parsing them at this scale qualitatively creates something to be concerned about. Although public photography is generally legal under the First Amendment and there has been some pushback against private collection in a few states, lawmakers haven't fully grappled with the ramifications of turning plate photos into a persistent, searchable database that provides a map of millions of peoples' lives.

    In , Arkansas banned the collection of license plate data by private entities while allowing law enforcement to continue using the technology. DRN pushed back , saying the law violates their First Amendment rights. DRN also contested a Utah law that banned private collection; the company dropped the suit after the state amended that law. Beyond the collection, there is also the issue of accessing the data. In that case, police used license plate data to track an alleged drug trafficker driving back and forth across bridges.

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