Gta 4 secret car locatiions

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If you've been keeping up with developments in the game, you'll know that a set of 54 GTA Online playing cards have been hidden around the state of San Andreas.

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This means that in addition to soaking up the opulence and trying out all the new games available in the GTA Online Casino , you'll also need to go on a treasure hunt around the island to find this complete deck of cards. As you can tell from the image we've marked below these collectible playing cards are real small, and although they glow when you get near them we all know the world of GTA Online is huge, so how exactly are you meant to go out and find them all? Fret not, friends, as we're here to help you out by revealing where to find all 54 GTA Online playing cards, so you can hone in your search and scoop up the elusive collectibles in record time.

Grab your favourite vehicle, hit the road, and visit these locations to complete your collection.

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Other than appeasing the completionist in you, what's the point in tracking down all of these GTA Online playing cards? Well, for starters you'll earn RP and casino chips for each one you find, to give you a bit of pin money to play with on the slots or table games. The chips reward starts off at chips for each of the first five cards, then goes up by 50 chips for every subsequent card you collect for sixth, for seventh etc.

This continues all the way up to 2, chips for the 54th card, meaning you'll earn 66, casino chips in total. Collect all 54 of them and you'll unlock the exclusive High Roller Outfit to wear, which is pictured above and will be added to your wardrobe, plus a unique set of cards for your Penthouse suite Private Dealer to use.

Only 1% of GTA Players Know About These SECRET AREAS in GTA 4!

You'll also earn a special Collector's Bag item for use in Red Dead Online , when the big September 10 update arrives. The above map shows the locations for all 54 GTA Online playing cards, which you should click on to expand and make it easier to follow. For further details on where to look, find the number from the map on the list below. Inside the guard booth at the northwest entrance to Fort Zancudo.

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There's no easy way to grab this, so take out the guard s then quickly dash in before reinforcements arrive. You have to reply positively to each email to tell Brucie you will get the car. The List of vehicles are as follows.

Beechwood City Carwash - You will see the vehicle in the parking lot of the carwash which is marked on the map, near the Broker-Dukes Expressway. Meadow Hills - At the train station, the vehicle is alarmed, and you will most likely see foot cops here, so keep an eye out for them, but more than likely you will get a 2 star wanted level, so head out as quick as you can and once you get rid of the cops, head to the garage to score a cool grand.

The Park in Outlook - The Police car is right behind this, but its not far from the pay n spray. You can attempt to outrun the cops or fly into the pay n spray just around the corner.

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After clearing your pursuers, head to Brucie's yellow marker to finish off this theft. Driving around Outlook - This one will be driving around in the Outlook area.

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  5. All you need to do is either tap the car or fire some shots in the air, tapping the car will be easier, and highly recommended. Firefly Projects - This is parked on the street and is watched over by 3 thugs armed with baseball bats.

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    You can just hop in and take it, but it is very possible for you to get yanked out. You can also shoot the thugs if you are quick enough, but will probably get a wanted level. Take an SUV or so and ram the car forward about a block or so and then get in it so you dont have to worry about the thugs. Then a quick trip to pay n spray and you are on your way to another K.

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    Alley in Schottler - You pull up on a drug deal, so take out the dealers from a distance before getting too close, if you dont, they will fire SMGs at you the whole way to Brucies. You can opt to shoot them all, but you want to shoot the unarmed guy first as its his vehicle that is there. Then take down the others and grab it. It's a short trip to the lockup from here and an easy grand for this.

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    Cerveza Heights Garage - Just as you arrive, the vehicle pulls out, you can block it off with a vehicle or gun down the driver. I found it a lot easier to block him off, but if you can't he will drive a little bit and get out to fill up, jack it then and head to Brucie's to score here.

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