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I would contact them both to see if there is anything that they can do. This would offer you a bit more range of movement.

However, when it comes to the regulations, it really depends on where you are planning to start a new life. I am looking at importing a vehicle from Great Britain. Land Rover Defender What year vehicle can be imported? The law states that cars which are only 8 or 9 years old can be imported to Mexico. Our main recommendation is that you sell all your possessions before you move. However, if you need to move your car from the UK to Mexico, I would speak to a customs broker to see what they can do.

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I am a Canadian citizen who drove a Canadian register vehicle to the state of Oaxaxa where we have a condo. I leave the vehicle there year round and spend the winters there. I have a temporary resident card which I renew everyyear An immigration lawyer has told me this makes it legal. I keep the Canadian plates up to date and have insurance for both countries. Can you advise if this truly is Legal?

Hi, We moved to Mexico 19 years ago. Now are needing to deal with importing our trailer. Any ideas on how to do that? Or costs? Any ideas how to avoid driving it illegally from southern Mexico to the border? I am moving to Mexico city on work visa and want to take my honda accord from texas with me mor likely 4 years, what are the options for me. When you are moving on a work visa, you are allowed to take your car with you for the duration of your visa. This article should help:. The truth is that you would have to be purchasing very specific cars. However, you should ask a customs broker or agente aduanal for how to import cars legally for sale.

We hope this message finds you well. Am I required to drive to the border? Can i import a Canadian car at the Belize border? Hello Patrick, for this type of situation, you should speak to a customs broker based in Belize about your Canadian car. Also, if you read our article, they say you can only import a car that is 8 or 9 years old.

Hello Raf I want to import a car that was sold in Mexico at one time at new car dealers. The cars were imported back in thru to the dealer and then sold to in Mexico, These cars came from the UK.

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I read that you can import a new car as long as its under a certain KM and has to be considered new still. I think up to 5 years as long as its under km, do you know if this is true? I would definitely reach out to a customs broker in the UK where you are or an Agente Aduanal to get proper advice for the particulars of your situation. I brought an older Rav4 with me to Qroo by the belize border. I no longer need the vehicle and have two options. Anyh idea how I can accomplish this? That is a very good question. I would probably just junk the vehicle if I were you.

Concerning your question about deregistering a vehicle in Mexico, I have no idea, but that would make its own good article. Cursory research yielded nothing on the subject, unfortunately. I would recommend speaking to a customs broker, agente aduanal, or a lawyer. Hi there, is there a retention time a vehicle must be at customs, prior to release for permanently legalizng in Mexico?

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My mother was told her car needs to held for 10 days, although she has a certificate of ownership in her name. My sister gave her the vehicle and transfered title to her.

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Hello Laura, if that is what you were told at customs, then I would trust the customs agents. However, this is the first we have heard of it. Please keep us posted! Thank you! Ren, I am happy to help put you in contact with someone. I just need to know where and how you are planning on moving to Mexico. I would recommend finding a customs broker in the area where you plan to cross the border or land in immigration. HI: I am a Canadian resident and would like to bring a car into Mexico with a trailer with a vintage car on it. Not to import, but for temporary stay less than days in Mexico.

What are the laws with transporting a car on a trailer into Mexico temporarily? Also, is it true that Aduana import fees are waived until the end of ?

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I thought I saw that on a website about a month ago but cannot find it again. A friend also said the same thing. I would call your nearest consulate to ask—or ask one of these customs brokers. I hold Mexican permanent residency and am building a family compound in Baja California Sur. I would like to drive my US plated car down the Baja and use it while I am in residence in Todos Santos 2 months at a time , but I do not wish to permanently import the car.

Is this allowed? Hi, i have a slightly opposite situation. Or would i be able to maintain registration in both countries. My ultimate goal is to be able to drive my car freely between Mexico and Canada. This is outside of our purview. Do you know what I need to do and what it will cost me? Hello Catalina! If you are looking to import a car permanently, then it is likely too old. However, you can speak to a customs broker in the US near the border in Baja or you can find an agente aduanal.

Contact them several weeks prior to importing.

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They may be able to help you. I have a more unique question. I have recently moved to Mexico city with my family from Canada. I am wondering how to import an atv into the country. Is it considered to be a car because the engine is a cc. It is a CanAm. I hope to see a reply. Hello Kyle, I would recommend speaking to a customs broker or a Mexican agente aduanal.

It really depends on what port you will be driving through, but you might be able to import the atv. Want to have a free consultation about your specific situation? Click below to set up a quick phone call with us. Drop us a line anytime at info weexpats. Interested in a quote for expat health insurance? Click here to get a quote for Worldwide coverage. Follow us. Get a Quote. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Play media. Hispanic and Latino Americans portal. Oxford University Press. Retrieved 5 May Chicano and Mexican American topics. Botiller v. Dominguez Hernandez v.

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