Us supreme court obama birth certificate

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Some People have some sense still there, in NJ. Thank Goodness.

Supreme Court: Obama birth certificate appeal won't be heard - POLITICO

This is ridiculous. Taxing the wealthy, withdrawals from Iraq, etc.

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I personally wanted Obama to win so that he could give higher taxes to the wealthy and redistribute the wealth. And now.. For those who have been geographically challenged in the past, Hawii is indeed one of the states in our Union. This fact, however, will not deter the true right wing wackos who are relentlessly pursuing this frivolous, and foolhardy suit.

To even suggest that Clarence Thomas may have been the single justice who was most involved in stirring up interest in this matter among his fellow justices, would only add another layer of disgust re: this particular jurist. I also happen to believe that Anita Hill was railroaded. There is a cloud of suspicion over Thomas. He should watch who he casts stones at…..

In the immortal words of Phineas T. Such pointless talk. He is an American citizen, he won the election and that is all. Such a shame that all they can cling to are lies. In a year of absurd claims from the whackjob right, this was the singlemost absurd claim of all.

Has a federal judge ordered Barack Obama to prove his eligibility for the presidency in court?

The rest of us should be happy that these nutjobs continue to marginalize themselves. Supporters of what must surely be the most lawless administration in U. What a waste of judicial resources to humor these desperate dead-enders even by contemplating taking such a case.

Executive orders are official documents, numbered consecutively, through which the President of the United States manages the operations of the federal government. President Franklin D. Roosevelt , still holds the record for executive orders, penning 3, of them during his 12 years in office.

President Obama's first executive order merely rescinded an earlier executive order severely limiting public access to presidential records after they left office.

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That now-rescinded executive order, , was signed by then-President George W. Bush on Nov. It allowed former presidents and even family members to declare executive privilege and block public access to White House records for virtually any reason. Bush's measure was criticized heavily and challenged in court. The Presidential Records Act mandates the preservation of presidential records and makes them available to the public. So Obama's first executive order didn't seek to shut down access to his own personal records, as conspiracy theorists claim. Still, maybe, somehow, this forged article contains some factual information?

Donofrio claimed that since Obama's father was a British citizen, Obama was granted dual citizenship at birth and therefore was not eligible to be elected President.

President Obama's First Executive Order

The case was submitted to the Supreme Court, but the court did not agree to hear it. The first tidbit that tipped us off was that the e-mail said Justice Scalia announced that the court agreed to hear arguments. That's not how it works.

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In order for the Supreme Court to hear a case, at least four justices have to be in favor of hearing it. At that point they issue a "writ of certiorari,'' colloquially reffered to as "cert. Such information typically comes from the court's public information office.

Donofrio's case first went to Justice Souter, who denied the request.

us supreme court obama birth certificate Us supreme court obama birth certificate
us supreme court obama birth certificate Us supreme court obama birth certificate
us supreme court obama birth certificate Us supreme court obama birth certificate
us supreme court obama birth certificate Us supreme court obama birth certificate
us supreme court obama birth certificate Us supreme court obama birth certificate

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