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Fixed search result filtering when searched by entering terms in metadata box ed2k was mainly affected.

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Implemented metadata spam filter. Force binding IP update fixed thanks to dcat. Removed 0. Memory leak fixed when torrent source file was not found. Torrent autoseeding fixed when the single-file torrent source was removed manually.

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Workaround to have typelib opened in VB applications. Tracker request memory leak fixed. Updated the list of BT client peer IDs. Workaround to open partial image files in the Image Viewer. Improved BT packet reading: subsequent keep-alive packets are treated as one.

Implemented Large File support on eDonkey, it needs testing, if you want use you must enable this: eDonkey. LargeFileSupport Temporary fix for ed2k server connection bug. Fixed error feeding X-Try-Ultrapeer? Ported "Link handler for bootstrap discovery types" from CyberBob? Fixed "urn:" in Gnutella Query packet. Patched Bug which prevent reading CachedHosts? Trial Fix for BT transfer problem. Added code to recover Memory Allocation failure. Ryo-oh-ki Added edit box to Add Shares dialog.

Fixed long raza's home folder path. All LoadResource paired with FreeResource.

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Added DDE transactions filters optimization. Fixed main windows menu and its submenus handlers leak one leak per skin change.

eDonkey network

Removed unused method DDECallback. Drag-n-drop optimization avoidance of drag helper object precreation. Fixed rare deadlock when files dropped to Media window. Fixed GDI handler leak mainwindow dockbar background brush. Fixed main window drag-n-drop torrents and urls drops. Optimized Library locking less restrictive. Fixed interface leak IImageServicePlugin. Optimized drag-n-drop added point of drag. Fixed ed2k byte request bug. Fixed ed2k bug where the end range request was 1 byte past the end of the file's length.

Added comments clarifying which type of message corresponds to which color. QWORDs are unsigned. Only invalidate the area where the scheduler is drawn so that the rest of the page won't flicker on a redraw. Highlight the entire row or column whenever the left edge or top edge is hovered over, respectively, to indicate which blocks will be changed by clicking.

Replaced the Scheduler configuration's "paint" feature with the ability to toggle whole rows or columns. Increased the height of the "Download Manager" groupbox to eliminate wasted space. Increased the drop down height of the "Show rates in" combobox to eliminate scrolling. Limit the port field to 5 digits.

Added the "nowarn" switch to disable the alpha warning on startup. Resetted Settings. GUIMode when it contains a wrong value. You can now choose if share or not a incomplete file if it is paused. Attempt to recover from failed Handshakes.

Skin and Language

Changed the name of FirewallStatus? Updated ED2K clients recognition. It change GUI Mode in the quickstart wizard only if there isn't already. Added new connection speeds. Some fixes in the quickstart wizard. Fixed eDonkey warning displayed when it shouldn't be. MetAutoQuery is now enabled by default, but it is almost never used so there aren't abuse problems. Fixed all connection problems on all networks.

Download and upload speed are now separated in the quickstart wizard. Added the function OnChangeConnectionSpeed to update setting when you set connection speed from the quickstart wizard this function could be used from others parts of code in the future.

Navigation menu

Now Shareaza is set to auto check the firewall status by default. RequireForTransfers" was both in download settings and in advanced settings. Changed default value of some settings. Fixed the workaround for fake low-id on startup. Fixed bug: menu shows "Connecting Fixed one place where connection still mess with EnableToday?.

Now the scheduler use also the setting: Gnutella2.

Execution Stats

EnableAlways Fixed bug that doesn't allow to disconnect when seeding a torrent reported by Rolandas. Connection, disconnection no longer mess with state of the networks so DetectConnectionLoss? You can now disable all networks and leave connection enabled so you can use BitTorrent without other networks. Changed type of some log messages.

Added some comments about log message types. Moved the setting of VerboseMode? If complete, incomplete, collection or torrent folder doesn't exist, now it is resetted to default path in the setup. Unreachable code warnings fixed when compiling on VS Fixed random cache writing loop. Invalid BT upload limit calculation fixed.

Smart G1 host cache pruning. Some optimizations for G1 OnPong method for the leaf mode. Fixed reading of variable-length GGEP items. Added daily uptime display for G1 cache. Removed GWCs support from G1. Prevention against host cache pollution by last seen date. Tweaked Neighbour connection start.

ed2k client id number shareaza Ed2k client id number shareaza
ed2k client id number shareaza Ed2k client id number shareaza
ed2k client id number shareaza Ed2k client id number shareaza
ed2k client id number shareaza Ed2k client id number shareaza
ed2k client id number shareaza Ed2k client id number shareaza

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