Timeline of the history of cars

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It was advertised as being a six-seater, so you could take your kids and their teammates to their soccer game. An Impressive feature considering this hot piece of metal was made in the s. For the next 20 years, electric cars were very popular amongst Americans.

Developments before World War I

In cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago, one-third of vehicles were battery powered. Electric taxi cabs were dominating all over busy cities as well. These battery-powered vehicles were doing well due to a few factors. On the other hand, gas-powered cars had gears that needed to be switched and needed to be started up with by a hand-crank.

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Despite the differences, the real competition came when Henry Ford built the Model T car which let drivers ride farther and faster. Electric cars lacked this power and drivers wanted to travel longer distances. This eventually led to the downfall of the electric car. The decline of the electric vehicle was due to an abundance of petroleum and the fact that technology improved for gasoline-powered cars.

It became obvious that gas cars were superior to electric cars. As more gas stations appeared, less electric cars would be seen on roads. By the time it was , there were no electric cars to be seen. Decades later, when gas prices were soaring, and oil is very rare to find, the U.

Electric automobiles

Congress allowed the Department of Energy to help fund motor companies to rebuild electric cars. When the first set of electric cars were re-released, they were very slow.

The history of electric vehicles: A 21st-century timeline

Not only did they hit a whopping 45 mph, but they also lacked distance which meant that these cars needed to be recharged every 40 miles. The EV1 was able to hit 50 mph in seven seconds and have a range of 80 miles. The car was very expensive to build and never became commercially available because of this. In , the EV1 was discontinued.

Technology would have to improve if we wanted to see hybrids pack distance and speed. At the same time, hybrids were being released and served as a better alternative to electric cars. I know this is article is about the history of electric cars, but mentioning the Prius is important because it gave electric cars a chance. The best feature about hybrid cars is that they have the best MPG anyone could ask for. However, when Tesla Motors produced their own electric cars, it ended up being some of the best cars on the market.

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The History of Cars

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    timeline of the history of cars Timeline of the history of cars
    timeline of the history of cars Timeline of the history of cars
    timeline of the history of cars Timeline of the history of cars
    timeline of the history of cars Timeline of the history of cars
    timeline of the history of cars Timeline of the history of cars

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